Capacity Assessment

The Client


Global biotechnology consultancy.

Project involved working with world's leading biotechnology companies and contract manufacturers.

The Challenge


Global 'Fill Finish' supply of biotechnology products.

Undertake a study on various filling technologies include vial and cartridge filling.

With the rapidly growing number of biotechnology compounds in clinical trials and subsequent approval by regulatory authorities, is there sufficient global capacity currently or under development to meet this increased demand?

The Approach


HiTech Health developed and agreed with client a project plan and timeline.

'Fill Finish' technologies to be assessed were defined.

Expected outputs from the study were defined and agreed.

Detailed framework document was drafted, discussed with major biotechnology companies to validate the study.

Pilot study was completed and information provided to client.

The Result


We generated critical information on the fill finish capacities of biotechnology companies.

Trends in capacity and capital investment across territories were identified.

Gaps in capacity for specific technologies noted.

The output capacity information can allow decisions on internal versus External manufacture.