New Product Introduction and Technical Transfer

The Value of Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device companies can be directly linked to their new product portfolio and the potential of these products to help patients. Successfully introducing and launching these products is therefore business critical.

Our experts provide solutions to the challenges faced when…


Introducing a New Product


Transferring Products and Processes


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Introducing a New Product 



Introducing biopharmaceutical and medical device products into new or existing facilities is complex and challenging for any company.

The HTH team is uniquely placed to help with New Product Introduction.


Are the right commercial suppliers in place?

Do you have the correct resources and technical capabilities in place internally and at partners?

Does the supply plan align with the clinical programmes and market launches?

Has a risk assessment or scenario analysis been carried out?

Have all regulatory requirements been addressed including Compliance and Safety?





Transferring Products and Processes



Companies decide to transfer products to partners/third parties or other internal sites for reasons including; the transfer of a product from development to a commercial site, cost reduction and security of supply.

Our experts have extensive experience with managing these complex transfers.


Is there a clear business case outlining the supply options aligned with business requirements prior to finalising Technical Transfer plans?

Is there a detailed project plan in place?

Do you have the correct resources to complete the technical transfer including equipment, facilities and people?

Have you assessed the business processes and systems in place at both transfer and receiving site?