Technical Due Diligence

Purchase of Life Science Business


Purchase of Life Science Site or Facility


Purchase of a Life Science Product


Selection of the Correct Manufacturing Partner


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Business Due Diligence 



Substantial growth of international business can be achieved by the purchase of a life science company.

However, it is critical to complete thorough due diligence to assess the value and risks associated with such an acquisition.

We focus on helping you to address the following critical questions in the following key areas…


Investment Costs and Value of the Acquisition

Compliance Track Record of the Business

Supply Chain and Regulatory

Capability and Capacity including Future Projections





Site and Facility Due Diligence 



In the Life Sciences industry, manufacturing and distribution facilities are significant business and critical supply chain assets.

Selection of the most suitable site can have a major influence on the direction and value of your company.

HTH can undertake hands-on, site and supply chain evaluations to ensure security of supply.

We understand the key questions to ask including:


Is the site or facility in line with the book value?

Are all quality and compliance requirements met?

Does the site or facility meet all health and safety requirements?

What are the facility capabilities and are these aligned with purchasing company expectations?





Product Due Diligence 



Critical technical assessments need to be undertaken when acquiring a new product to ensure that real value is being realised.

The HiTech Health team can help by addressing such issues as:


Reviewing the manufacturing process and cost of manufacture

Determining the ease or complexity of manufacture

Assessing the regulatory and compliance status of the product

Developing a supply strategy and plan, including technical transfer plan if needed





Manufacturing Partner Due Diligence 



We can provide thorough support on the selection of a Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO):

Our experts have completed due diligence assessments with specific focus on addressing the following…


Who is needed on the due diligence team?

How will the CMO fit into your strategic and supply chain plans?

What is the impact of selecting the CMO on your business functions and systems (e.g. Finance, Quality)?

Do you have an in-house due diligence process for training and helping your team select a CMO?