Completing thorough technical due diligence to define risks and understand opportunities prior to making significant decisions. The due diligence time invested is well spent as an uninformed decision can adversely impact your company for many years. Hi Tech Health focuses primarily on three areas of technical due diligence:

1. Product Acquisition

  • If you are considering acquiring a product or product portfolio, HiTech Health can assess the risks and benefits to your organisation.
  • We will enable you to fully understand the IP protection of the product(s), the complexity of the manufacture, EHS considerations and more.

2. Site or Facility Acquisition

  • Our team will help you make an informed decision when selecting a site/facility by undertaking an initial review followed by a deep technical assessment.
  • We will work with your team to determine if capital investment in a site/facility is the correct decision for the security of your product supply.

3. Selection of a Contract Organisation (CxO)

  • HiTech Health has built a reputation on helping companies select the right contract organisation partner, including Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO).
  • Our team have extensive experience and business process knowledge to support you through the partner selection process.
  • Should you outsource manufacturing to a CMO or look at an internal manufacturing option? Let us help make the optimal decision based on your current and future business needs.

Efficiently manage multiple products in one secure cloud platform. Embed enables you to make data-driven decisions during the lifecycle of products, from early development through to ensuring product supply.

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