HiTech Health and blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan have entered into an agreement to facilitate the development of novel cell and gene therapies.

Anthony Nolan Cell & Gene Therapy Services will support HiTech Health’s supply chain through the provision of a reliable, scalable source of high-quality starting material. Initially provision of cellular material will be for research and development (R&D) programmes with a view to scale up in the future to clinical application and manufacturing. The parties are open to collaboration with cell and gene therapy developers and will work with them to provide bespoke offerings specific to the client’s requirements.

Anthony Nolan Cell & Gene Therapy Services brings expertise in cell sourcing, selection and provision of high-quality starting material to complement HiTech Health’s end-to-end service from product development to manufacturing and launch of life-changing treatments.

In partnering we aim to support cell and gene therapy researchers and developers to bring life-saving treatments to patients who need them.

Diana Hernandez, Head of Immunotherapy Research at Anthony Nolan says: “This is a significant step towards establishing a sustainable chain in cell and gene therapy development as we move towards allogeneic therapies. This collaboration ensures supply of ethically sourced starting material to developers of new therapies, which we hope will improve the treatment and care of thousands of patients in the future. It also allows the parties to share information regarding quality attributes of the material, which can help inform future improvements.”

Aoife Duffy, Cell and Gene Therapy Operations Manager, HiTech Health says: “HiTech Health’s collaboration with Anthony Nolan will be a great benefit to our clients. Anthony Nolan’s reputation for supply of high quality starting materials provides assurance to our clients and collaborators that a robust supply chain is in place for the manufacturing and supply of Cell and Gene Therapy Products. With this collaboration with Anthony Nolan, we now have a supply of starting material that is crucial to enable manufacturing of these novel therapies. This collaboration adds to our current R&D experience and future expansion into GMP manufacturing. Our expertise in quality, QP approval, and management of product supply and logistics will also be an important role in this collaboration. We are very excited about this collaboration and are looking forward to the possibilities that we can achieve together with the ultimate goal of treating patients who have an unmet medical need.”

About Anthony Nolan Cell and Gene Therapy Services

Anthony Nolan is the pioneering charity that saves the lives of people with blood cancer and blood disorders who need a stem cell transplant. Anthony Nolan’s Cell and Gene Therapy Services aim to facilitate ethical research and development through the sourcing and supply of donor starting materials to researchers and developers. With a register of over 850,000 donors, a cord blood bank, and four decades of experience providing stem cells, Anthony Nolan has the infrastructure, the expertise, and the skills to support the needs of the cell and gene therapy industry

Website: www.anthonynolan.org/clinicians-and-researchers/cell-and-gene-therapy-services
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/showcase/anthony-nolan-cell-&-gene-therapy-services/
Contact: Katie Griffee, Business Development Manager – katie.griffee@anthonynolan.org

About HiTech Health

HiTech Health bring an in-depth knowledge and experience of Cell and Gene Therapy products, We offer a range of services to help develop and supply life-changing treatments. Our experts can provide comprehensive solutions and strategies for process development, supply pre-clinical products and quality control assay development. We also have the GMP experience and expertise including QP support to ensure GMP compliance and product release. We also have the demonstrated supply chain and logistics expertise to enable cell and gene therapy products to be imported into Europe and the UK.

Find out more about Cell & Gene Therapy: www.hitech-health.com/cell-and-gene-therapy/
Find us on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/hitech-health
Contact: Aoife Duffy, Cell & Gene Therapy Operations Manager – aduffy@hitech-health.com

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