Technical Due Diligence and Vendor Selection

HiTech Health can support you in ensuring you make the optimal decisions when it comes to technical due diligence and vendor selection.

technical due dilligence

Technical Due Diligence


It is critical to ensure that your CDMO partners have the right technical expertise to support the manufacturing and supply of your product. Key areas to assess include:

  • Capacity analysis.
  • Technical audits.
  • Equipment and process line capability.
  • Warehouse and storage capabilities.
  • Technical resources.


vendor selection

Vendor Selection


Contracting your CDMOs and key suppliers requires both legal and technical expertise to ensure that these contracts meet your needs. We have the expertise and the business process knowledge to support you through the partner selection process.

HiTech Health can provide technical expertise to support your legal team with key contracting activities such as:

  • Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs).
  • Analytical Laboratories.
  • Logistics Providers.
  • Contract Research Organisations (CROs).
  • Supply Contracts.
  • Master Service Agreements (MSAs).
  • Quality Technical Agreements (QTAs).


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