Afortiori Development and HiTech Health Forge an Important Collaboration to Support the Clinical Research and Product Development of Groundbreaking Cell and Gene Therapies.

Galway, November 9, 2023 – Afortiori Development, a premier full-service Clinical Research Organisation, is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with HiTech Health, a leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) including Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT) (Europe/UK/Ireland/US). This strategic alliance aims to provide an integrated suite of services to companies conducting research in the ATMP and CGT areas.  The two companies believe that by seamlessly integrating clinical trial expertise with cutting-edge product development and manufacturing capabilities, this will provide the calibre of service required by companies conducting research, ensuring that their clinical research journey is enhanced overall.

Afortiori Development’s unwavering commitment to providing expert, flexible and economically viable clinical trial design and clinical trial management services perfectly complements HiTech Health’s extensive knowledge and expertise in product development, manufacturing and supply chain. By joining forces, these industry pioneers are in a strong position to deliver unparalleled support, enabling clients to optimise their clinical research processes, enable faster trial start up and drive ongoing support of their revolutionary products while research is in progress.

“Our approach has to evolve to deliver the cutting-edge services that clients innovating in the advanced therapy space require. Aligning our services with companies like HiTech Health means that we can ensure timely and high-quality supply of products required for trial needs. A critical requirement for many of these advanced cell and gene therapies,” emphasised Dr Nicola Wall, CEO at Afortiori Development. “We understand the paramount importance of obtaining high-quality IMP that is available when needed for researchers and meets the quality standards. Through our collaboration with HiTech Health, we are poised to provide unmatched expertise and support to our clients running these types of clinical trials.”

Afortiori Development and HiTech Health represent a combined team of seasoned experts who work closely with clients, offering flexible, scalable, and tailored solutions to each trial’s specific needs. Throughout the entire process, these industry leaders remain dedicated advocates for their clients, ensuring they benefit from the optimal clinical trial delivery services that generate actionable insights for safety, efficacy and regulatory compliance.

“The success of the clinical trial is deeply affected by the timely availability of high quality products, supported by the right processes, systems, and experts,” added Dr Brian Harrison, CEO of HiTech Health. “Through our collaboration with Afortiori Development, clients can leverage the combined strength of a team that knows exactly what needs to happen and when, ensuring our projects meet timelines and expectations overall.”

Both companies encourage clients to explore the combined team’s extensive knowledge and capabilities in trial design, trial delivery operational planning, product development and Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) operational activities. With HiTech Health’s state-of-the-art laboratories and GMP manufacturing facilities equipped for process and analytical development, clients can rely on their cutting-edge cell and gene therapy expertise to accelerate product development timelines.

Afortiori Development and HiTech Health invite clients and industry professionals to get in touch to discuss their current and future needs.  Engaging with their dedicated teams of experts will unlock new possibilities and propel clients towards success on this exhilarating path.


About Afortiori Development:

Afortiori Development is a full-service Clinical Research Organisation specializing in the design and management of clinical trials and post-market clinical follow-up studies. With a flexible, scalable, and client-centric approach, Afortiori Development provides critical support to clients to facilitate the right clinical trial.

About HiTech Health:

HiTech Health is a CDMO focused on product development and GMP manufacturing of  advanced medicines including cell and gene therapy products.. Their specialized knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities enable efficient and cost-effective  development and manufacturing solutions for clients.


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