EU and UK QP Services

Our Qualified Persons (QPs) can offer expert quality support to your company to successfully release your product to clinical trials or to market in the EU, UK and RoW

QP and Quality Services

HiTech Health provides contract QP services, for both general Quality consultancy and batch release, for short and long-term contracts.

Our QPs and quality team can support you through:

  • Obtaining and maintaining Quality Management System (QMS) compliance.
  • Designing and implementing robust supplier qualification and management process.


Importation and QP Certification

HiTech Health provide QP certification of commercial products within the EU and clinical products within the EU and UK and have all the relevant licences to approve these critical products for patients

By partnering with us and working with our experienced cross-functional team,  you can streamline your supply chain and reduce cost, thereby making considerable financial and time savings in getting your product to the clinic or market.

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