HiTech Health is thrilled to announce its partnership with VascVersa, a trailblazer in regenerative medicine focusing on pioneering cell therapies that significantly enhance vascular regeneration and repair. Originating from Queen’s University Belfast, VascVersa is a dynamic spin-out backed by over two decades of meticulous research. This extensive study has culminated in the development of innovative cell therapies that stand at the forefront of medical science. Their flagship product, ANGICYTE™ Technology, is a revolutionary cell therapy approach aimed at blood vessel regeneration. This advanced treatment is designed to stimulate the formation of new blood vessels, which in turn improves blood supply to affected areas and facilitates long-term healing and recovery.

This cutting-edge cell therapy boasts a wide range of potential applications, promising transformative impacts across various ischaemic diseases. The ANGICYTE™ Technology harnesses the power of targeted cell therapy to address the root causes of vascular deficiencies, thereby enhancing patient outcomes and quality of life. The HiTech Health team is enthusiastic about the prospects of this collaboration with VascVersa. Together, they aim to push the boundaries of what’s possible in cell therapy, advancing these transformative treatments through clinical trials to real-world application. By utilizing ANGICYTE™ Technology, HiTech Health is committed to developing effective treatments that offer hope and healing to patients suffering from vascular issues.

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