HiTech Health, SextonBio and MedInstitute announce collaboration to develop and publish workflows for integrating unit operations in cell therapy manufacturing using flexible automation systems.

Sexton Biotechnologies, in partnership with HiTech Health and Med Institute, is working towards continued innovations in flexible automation. As cell and gene therapy manufacturers move to close and automate processes, the challenge of integrating existing systems is a pain point for the industry. Flexible automation of traditionally manual process offers a new solution with lower capital expenditures and greater potential for downstream success.

HiTech Health is focused on product development, manufacture, launch, and supply of cell and gene therapies. Aoife Duffy, Cell and Gene Therapy Operations Manager, leads a team that has successfully developed multiple cell and gene therapy products.

“We think it is important to collaborate with other companies so that we can add to our expertise in operational activities,” said Aoife. “Cell and gene therapy products are expensive to develop and manufacture. Working with Sexton and the Med institute to bring the new fluid management system to the market will help with making processing more efficient. HiTech Health is bringing our extensive operational and GMP Manufacturing expertise to this collaboration. We are expanding our capabilities to cell and gene therapy process development and manufacturing. Additional expertise we bring to the collaboration includes quality, QP approval, and management of supply chain. In the end, we believe that this collaboration will lead to time and cost savings, along with greater downstream success in the manufacture of cell therapy products.”

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