Hitech Health is delighted to announce its latest partnership with CCRM Australia, a not-for-profit organisation supporting regenerative medicine commercialisation in the Australian market. CCRM Australia works to accelerate the commercialisation of regenerative medicine (RM) therapies and related technologies by providing specialist expertise, funding opportunities, and fostering connections between industry, clinicians, researchers, and key stakeholders throughout the country

HiTech Health helps advanced therapy providers through their development, manufacture and supply of products including cell and gene therapies for clinical trials and also for commercial supply to patients around the world. HiTech Health can assist Australian partners by providing strategic input for entering the EU and UK markets, QP certification, auditing and quality assurance support, supply chain and project management. HiTech Health is a CDMO for advanced medicines including cell and gene therapies and can provide analytical and process development as well as GMP manufacturing from new facilities in Galway, Ireland.

CCRM Australia’s vision is to enable unique translational platforms that address the bottlenecks in RM commercialisation, integrate Australia’s strength in stem cell and biomaterials sciences with dynamic business leadership, engage industry partners and link to global nexus of RM commercialisation, and internationalise Australian activities leading to RM Powerhouses.

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