Embed Software

An efficient way to manage complex technical projects

Secure cloud platform that enables healthcare and life science organisations to MANAGE, CONNECT and PROTECT their most valuable information and bring new products to patients in a shorter time frame.

Manage your product portfolio, from early development through to market launch

Embed is designed to drive efficiency and optimize communication, allowing healthcare companies to bring new products to patients in a shorter time frame.


During the lifecycle of products, there can be multiple technology transfers between sites. Knowledge is lost when products are managed using disparate communication tools. Lost knowledge means technical ‘know-how’ is not embedded resulting in delayed product launches.

Dedicated Support
Team and

HiTech Health is committed to driving the efficiency of your processes and operations. We will configure the system to suit your needs and provide support along the way. As a company, we are bridging the gap between consulting and technology so we are now in a position of offer more than generic software providers.

HiTech-Health awarded with government funding

HiTech Health awarded with €7m government funding for 'disruptive' project   HiTech Health and our partners, Relevium Medical and Professor Garry Duffy’s Laboratory at NUI Galway are honoured to receive €7 million from the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund...

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